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One may notice the increased presence of Sith and thugs roaming around Voss-Ka, particularly around the cantina. Rumors drift around the holonet and the cantinas of a strange organization of unknown origin playing around with the politics on Voss. They seem to center themselves around Voss-Ka. Many of this "Order" may be seen hanging around the cantina, relaxing from whatever strange deeds they have been up to.

Despite all these rumors, and the increase in Sith, the owner of the Voss-Ka cantina has taken advantage of the increase in visitors and has opened the cantina up to all of the galaxy. Any opportunity to make some credits is a good one. So he decided to advertise the cantina as being open once a week (Thursday) for discounted drinks.

[Come out to the Voss-Ka cantina to enjoy some cantina RP with <Esoteric Order> every Thursday night at 8PM EST. All factions and levels are welcome to come! Come talk with your own circle of friends in a Roleplay environment, or make new friends! Enemies can also be made if you're less friendly! .]
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