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Not sure I agree, Dark siders might temper their sadism with pragmatism, but under it all they want to rip to shreds whatever offends them. They just understand that if they destroy everything, they'll have no allies, no resources, and not much chance of achieving their aims.

Also not sure they would leave a Light side Sith alone, the majority are Dark siders who view the Light side as either weakness or treason, which makes a Light side Sith story dubious.
Yup i agree completely the only reason why my DS sith warrior took off vette collar is that she would be more useful as a servant than a slave and the fact that she trolls quinn which my sith warrior finds humorous.

When I took it off I told her plain as day that she is to remain with me and help me achieve my goals and not to give me a reason to slap the collar back on.