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I get what you are saying. But again it just felt OFF. Yes General Dodanna briefed red and gold squadrons. But that was an extreme situation, again with Leia briefing Rogue duirng the evac. There really wasn't time for a solid briefing.

But on ROTJ, that was actually a good look at how a military chain of command big briefing works. You see that the General Madine and Admiral ackbar was addressing the senior commanders and squadron leaders of the fleet. But you notice something else. Other staffers and officers. Not just 1 general breifing a LT as when you first arrive on Courscant.

I guess what I'm driving at is that you don't see a COMMAND staff for Garza. It made it seem like she does it all alone. That just doesn't work with the kind of duties she has. I mean greeting you when you get to courscant, I can see that. But like when you arrive at a planet, does the General REALLY need to brief you on every planet.

Look at the IA. Keeper only briefs you on the MAJOR important stuff. Everything else, handed to a staffer IE Watcher Two.

Now for say the Guantlet when you first meet the supreme commander cause of the importance, yes the general would be there, that was handled to the T.

But say going to Hoth just to pick up a member of the team, again I don't see the relevance of Garza herself giving the briefing.

I hope you see what I am driving at.
This exactly. In the IA storyline, you feel you're part of an organization, with the different level of the hierarchy with watchers, minders, and Keeper at the top that you meet a few times because of extraordinary reasons, but normally watchers give you the briefing. You even get "bonus" missions to speak to fixers and other NPCs just to learn what they do.