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I think the dev team did more than enough to compensate for the reduction in force stun range by making force speed a root breaking/ CC immune ability. It is a little OP now IMO, so I don't complain at all.

I really have not noticed the range of Force Stun being an issue;
1.Force run always broke stuns....
2. you only get immunity as a healer! it is very high up in the tree!
3. you need the range because you as range fight melee and range! it is absolutely necessary and part of the DPS cycle.(It's also one of our badly needed kiting spells!)
4. All melee have abilities to get to their enemies to deal with ranged problems. Sorceress are now the only class basically with no ranged defense! It was our ranged defense and an essential part of our build.

I'm sorry but I really really don't like force running in a range vs range fight to hit a freaking enemy with stun to curb DPS. just makes me take more. 5m is find if you have the bonus but 20 is not! it's a ludicrous nerf to sages and the people that did it have no idea of the practicalities of fighting a as a sage. Sages should get it back with out question to 30m. I don't know about the other classes because I do not play them.

It is now a melee only stun. When it was by necessity a melee and ranged stun because we are ranged and must fight both. It was a long enough timer as is. 1minute. other classes get a hell of a lot more stuns and shorter times than we do. It has no bearings on balance and completely unbalanced what little was there for a sage to utilize in combat!