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11.03.2012 , 02:36 AM | #6
Mty guild had the same issue and we found a simple solution which works perfectly now. We get 3 dps on Stormcaller and 1 (preferably melee) on Firebrand (the 3rd on Storm is either on the ground or on the Firebrand platform and goes into the firebrand shield). This way we make sure we burn through the defensive systems pretty quickly before the second DD and therefore avoid aoe on the DPS. When Stormcaller goes under 20% (no more defensive systems) we switch all 4 dps on Firebrand until he is dead (he is around 60% at that point). make sure to still have 2 people except tank on Storm's platform for DD (rDPS can attack fire from there). Keep swapping tanks and kill Firebrand , Storm should be around 10% or less at that point and will be pretty easy to finish off. Good luck