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11.03.2012 , 02:00 AM | #21
Im so glad there are people like you in the game to do these number crunches, makes gearing my first tank so much easier xD

I read the old Sith Warrior thread on tanking stat priorities before I started grinding out gear for my own shadow tank and so far Ive got 24k HP (buff, no stim), 40.25% dam red, 27.68% def, 45.41% shield and 58.30% absorb and stil need a few more Campaign pieces.

My question is though, as Shadow tanks, is it more worth while for us to us switch to a few pieces of gear that favor EHP over mitagation on bosses where we can't mitagate most of the damage? (Ex: Stormcaller, TFB 2nd phase [utilizing Force Cloak for gear switch]).
Ty in advance!
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