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Every MMO that isn't a sandbox has this issue of a "Dead End"

WoW has it, TSW Has it, Gw2 has it, AoC, Tera, Rift..... Etc

SWG didn't really have it, EvE doesn't really have it but these are Sandbox MMOs

From the sound of it man you might want to do one of the following: Try a new MMO (Likely Sandbox), Make an Alt and enjoy the other stories, do some world pvp (Which people will whine is griefing, but It can be fun), try to do some of the harder operations (Tfb is especially fun), or give up on MMOs and play single player games with high replayability and multiplayer games like CoD or BF3.

If you get the chance and you like shooters but also want an MMO I would suggest Planetside 2. It is an MMO Shooter with a progression system unlocked with time played / how well you play. It is free to play with no pay 2 win system, it is released fully this month. (Currently in Closed Beta)
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