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I reached level 50 last month and have done some of the opps and WZ and am quickly realising there is nothing to do, whats the point in doing the same missions over and over, to get better gear big woop. there has to be more or why do so many Lv 50s keep playing. i even tried ilum and what a waste of time that was. stayed on the planet for two hours in the battle area and nothing, the only fun is tatooine, getting an opps group together and causing havoc. there has to be more to this game surely.
Nope. It's why SWTOR has had subscription troubles. The endgame is rather limited, though I enjoy 50 PvP (it takes some time to get geared for it, though). If raiding is not your thing, and it doesn't seem like it, and you don't enjoy running a hamster wheel of the same flashpoints, try out leveling another class or two. Especially if you do so on the opposite faction, it offers a pretty different experience.

Other than that, you might need to find a new game.