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So when is it cause I have to say I am starting to lose faith in ToR..{whiny fantitlement rant deleted}.
So, there's a Dev post which positively screams "Hey - new content incoming! Heads up everyone!" and all you can do is whine about how instant gratification takes too long? What the heck is wrong with you?

SWTOR is going gangbusters compared to a Very Panda MMO, which didn't release updates for almost 2 years. And considering that the Devs have had to switch to a new, complicated business model in their launch year, the number of events, new Ops and War Zones they've managed to come out with have actually been quite impressive.

You have a number of options; play the game, and be patient, secure in the knowledge that the hurdle of F2P is almost behind us, and hey - there's new content even before then. Or, toddle off and play something else. There's no shortage of other stuff out there, if you find yourself getting bored. Come back in a month or two.

Also: HK!!! Squeee! How I've missed you!!
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