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I reached level 50 last month and have done some of the opps and WZ and am quickly realising there is nothing to do,
For MOST people, I think it's safe to say the game begins at 50. That's when you are the exact same level as all your friends and you can really enjoy the game. Not everyone feels that way.

From your lack of interest in gearing up (AKA, PVE end-game) and also from having done "some" of the warzones (there's only 4), you sound either burned-out of MMOs or just not interested in end-game.

If you've played MMO end-game before, then you are burned out. Everything feels like a grind when you face MMO burnout. Nothing is as good as that first MMO you loved so dearly you thought about it in your sleep after PVPing or raiding for hours on end. Take a break from the game, minimum a few weeks. Don't think about TOR at all and only come back to it when a new patch or something interesting brings you back. The magic returns just like that.

If you've never reached max-level in an MMO before, you've never memorized every nook and cranny of a PVP area and you have never memorized the names and timings of all the boss mechanics in a raid... then you might be just one of those people that doesn't like end-game. You just want to see cool stuff, not grind until you are some kind of master. In which case, roll an alt to see a new class story (if that's interesting to you) or try another MMO. Afterall, a new MMO is a whole new world full of content you haven't seen yet.
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