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11.02.2012 , 10:41 PM | #63
I seriously do not understand how someone plaing a lolclass with loldefensive cooldowns (my gunslinger was getting hit for 460 damage per tick of cloak of pain today (1.1k expertise) ) can complain about another classes defensive cooldown. Before you QQ and whine that they can cast stun-bubble on teammates you have a party wide speed buff, party wide damage buff, party wide heals so STOP THE QQ and L2P and adapt - those are all the things you tell people about sentinels. So people can dps you while youre stunned by the bubble, do you honestly think anyone who got derpsmashed or got a 15k ravage or got force-chocked while he had 2k dots melting his hp or was about to kill you but then you popped undying rage+wz medpack or cloaked or did any other of your many troll moves, do you honestly think any other non sent/mara cares? No we dont, now learn to play.