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Then he got greedy. Hey, that's the real reason he made the Prequels. Greed, man!
Strange...I thought it was because people kept QQ"n for more movies, got more movies, thwn QQ'd some more because Ep I-3 was made specifically to their wants and needs.

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G-Canon is dead , it was a way for George to keep his word as the Reality , hes no longer in control of that . So you might as well start calling it D-Canon !

Marvel started off as a Comic , and StarWars started off as words on paper . Both started off in the heads of the creators .
Disney is going to want StarWars living and breathing beyond reruns and old stories . EU is likely to be the standard because it is likely Marvel is going to take over that section without a doubt .

Again for G-Canon is no more , George is no longer the owner and has a small role in StarWars from here out . He will always be known as the Creator but ask youself how that worked out for Stan Lee .
Funny because Marvel comics have been going down the drain sinse Disney got ahold of it...yet you don't see that being talked about anywhere..