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11.02.2012 , 10:06 PM | #1
Hi all , was hoping to maybe get some help with some info on this boss for HM. Currently my guild and I are having issues with Stormcallers aoe storms dropping on our dps and we can not figure out why.

We have our tanks tanking the bosses kinda on the inside front of the tanks and our healer for firebrand on the ground ( on the outside of firebrand) for strormcallers aoe. Our dps is on the outside of the tanks and we have been tank swapping for incenrate armor.

After the tank swap and right as defensive systems begins to be casted we are having a aoe drop right on our dps on stormcaller and have no clue why this is happening.This happens like everytime, is our healer on the ground in wrong postion? I have watched plently of videos and it seems this can happen but in videos it always seemed a little later on in the fight when the knockback happens. The last one we tried was very odd in that DD was still casting while the defensive system just started and same thing in the aoe being dropped right on our dps. The mobs that drop down to be under the shields are not even down yet when this is happening.

Any info or help would be great! Thanks!