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11.02.2012 , 09:36 PM | #113
yay not banned anymore!

it seems all my previous posts in this thread have been removed, so here is my Mercenary Manifesto again:

- Unload made uninterruptable for Arsenal. tie it to the Barrage proc effect
- A talent box in the Pyrotech tree to make Power Shot instant cast.
- CGC snare returned to 50%
- 4s stun returned to 30m
- Burst run ability, think a cross between Hydraulic Overrides and Force Speed (for the entrie Merc AC)
- Arsenal needs a better slow. Increase duration of Unload slow talent box, increase Jet Boost slow duration through related talent box in that tree.

That is what needs to be done to balance Merc. None of these changes affects damage output or effectiveness in PvE. They are all changes to mobility or utility, and to allow us to better combat the onslaught of melee opponents. People will claim that this would make Merc "king of kiting", but against what bads? Melee classes have an overabundance of slows/roots/pulls/leaps/etc to maintain melee range with their opponents. Even with changes like these, Merc would still have an uphill battle with attempting to kite even average skill level melee opponents.
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