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A leap to an enemy wouldn't make sense. Mercs are a ranged class, they have no business leaping to an enemy, as the whole point is to stay in range. A leap to a ground target, a friendly or both makes sense however.
Ya, I think Bloodloss knew that suggestion was pretty crazy. (I'm still thinking jump to friendly would be nice lol). I think jump to target area is too ripe for abuse in both PvP and PvE (Jump to datacrons, Jump ramps with no one on them, jump the walls on civil war, etc...)

I think the thing the class needs most is an escape, but as other's have said, better defensive CD's would go a long way without risking the Dev's screwing something up with a new skill/mechanic. I can imagine it now, Escape being a 15 meter back jump, only 50% of the time it doesn't go off, 25% you lag back, and the other 25% you jump into a fire pit. -.-

Does anyone actually use our crappy HoT tactically?