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But thats not gonna happen is it. Marvel started off as a comic, so the comics take precedent. Star Wars started off as a movie, so the movies are going to take precedent. Most likely this will become G-Canon, he isn't entirely out of the picture and never will be. What it will do is open up new avenues for EU, which is a good thing - if anything it will breath new life into the period of EU which doesn't really have any foundations apart from the Original trilogy, it will also tidy it up a bit, which some people may not like.
G-Canon is dead , it was a way for George to keep his word as the Reality , hes no longer in control of that . So you might as well start calling it D-Canon !

Marvel started off as a Comic , and StarWars started off as words on paper . Both started off in the heads of the creators .
Disney is going to want StarWars living and breathing beyond reruns and old stories . EU is likely to be the standard because it is likely Marvel is going to take over that section without a doubt .

Again for G-Canon is no more , George is no longer the owner and has a small role in StarWars from here out . He will always be known as the Creator but ask youself how that worked out for Stan Lee .
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