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Then he got greedy. Hey, that's the real reason he made the Prequels. Greed, man!
Sad you think that , I think George has tried to love his Creation over time and give something to the fans in a new vision he had for his Series but saddly those same fans then turned and bit the hand that fed them .
At one point after years of fans constantly attacking him and his Employees over everything they do , I am going to bet he was like "Maybe its time for someone else to deal with this , maybe someone else can bring in fresh ideas that the fans will enjoy "!

StarWars is a awesome creation of fantasy and it so happens it was worth 4Billion to someone . I do not blame Lucas and glad maybe he will finally get the time he wanted to spend it on his new Movie Ideas without the Noise of a minority of crazy StarWars fans who get nutz over "OMG YOU KILLED MY FAVORITE CHARACTER" or " OMG YOU KILLED STARWARS with JARJAR ...........ect ect ect" .

I wish you well in you adventure Lucas !
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