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11.02.2012 , 09:18 PM | #61
I'm not sure about making it caster only, as sage/sorc dps needs -something- to make it wanted on a team (besides a good/nice player) and this seems a good team utility for that,

What I think should be fixed (even though I love anything that makes mauraders/juggs Q.Q) is the clickable option. Idk if dev's can actually do it, but the clickable part is the bug/exploit part. You can't tell me the dev's intended players to be able to use it like that.

As for resolve, personally I don't care, but Dev's do need to be consistent. If 3 second stuns are suppose to be 600 resolve, make it so. If it's 2 second, then 400 fits. If it goes back to a mezz... no good. It's just free resolve on most teams.