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Ok so I bought the game and have been playing for a few days and i LOVE it.

I first made a jedi consular >>>shadow.

Im totally loving using the force to throw things and knock enemies down and using stealth to avoid fights

But as I was warned sabre skills leave something to be desired.

*Does a jedi shadow get better melee skills as he or she advances?
My ideal class would be the shadow with more "sabre power"
*Are the sith classs the same way?
I think it goes without saying you get more abilities as you progress.
In the hands of a skilled gamer, a shadow tank is an absolute beast in either PvP or PvE.
Stealthing to avoid fights will hurt you in the long run. You get bonus exp in most quests, and it really adds up.
If you stealth by fights alot, you will find yourself struggling as you advance to the next zone, and each new zone finds you farther and farther behind in levels.
If you are doing the bonuses and bonus series quests, you will be 2 to 3 levels above each new zone, and have a much easier time.

As to sith classes, each imp class is a mirror of one of the "pub" classes. Abilities are named differently, but there is an exact match for each the other class. Some of the graphics are different. Sith can throw a jolt of lighting that exactly matches you project abiltity. (i think thats the name).
Some weapons are different. Scoundrels use a blaster and scattergun. Operatives use a sniper rifle and knife.
I could be confusing them a bit, but I hope you see my meaning.

In this game, levels 1 - 49 are really all about the story. Please take the time to enjoy it.
I liked the smuggler story so much, my main is a scoundrel, my second alt to reach 50 is a gunslinger.