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The EU is still a big part of Star Wars and ditching it will piss off a lot more than one percent of the fan base. Again, Disney would be foolish to do so. I will say it again...The haters of the EU will be disappointed when it is not removed from existance. There is way too much out there in terms of characters and settings to just dump. Some of the most popular characters are EU ones. Why would Disney trash those instead of try to cash in on them? The EU is bigger than people think.
even if it pissed off say 20% of the fan base they would still watch the new Episode. If they managed to stay with Star Wars through Episode 1-3 there is very little that will actually make them leave.

More fans will be happy just to have a Star Wars movie NOT made by George Lucas.

You are also wrong about the Characters. The most popular ones are still the ones from the OT.

Vader is the Highest Selling Character followed by
Boba Fett then Han Solo

Not a single EU would even crack the top 20.

Also remember every year there are millions of new Star Wars fans as kids grow up watching the Clone Wars and the Prequels.

More people know about the Clone Wars show then they do the EU and the Post ROTJ stuff.

Also Remember they already said that Episode 7 would be something original and not draw from any source.

That one statement pretty much says what Disney's plan for the post ROTJ EU is.

edit: Look at Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson took some pretty BIG liberites with the story and there are a LOT of hardcore Tolken fans and they were really pissed off. But guess what? It didn't hurt the sales of the movie at all.

edit edit: Want more proof? Look at what they did with Marvel and the Avengers. Now yes they kept the origin stories the same... for the most part. But granted the origin stories have been rewritten so many times. Look what they did with the sequels and the Avengers.
Iron Man 2. New story, Whiplash is a combination of 2 characters, Justin Hammer nothing like how he is in the comics, Iron Mans paladium posioning is new and not in comics, War Machines Orgin completely new.

Avengers- plot has never existed in the comics. They completley disregaurded the comics when they made it.

Thor- I really don't know enough about thor to say much about it but I do know that Loki isn't a frost giant in the comic.

Iron Man 3. I know they are going a new direction for the Mandrain (he is not asian in teh movie) and The Iron Patriot is nothing like he is in the Comics. (in the comics he is Norman Osborne from Spiderman)

But it didn't piss off the fans.