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11.02.2012 , 05:37 PM | #110
I also think we would have better luck with suggesting improvements to existing abilities instead of dreaming up new cool stuff that they have to develop, etc.

Thats why I think we should focus on:
-Better Shield
-Better Kolto HoT
-Better Snare (same application is fine, just needs to be reliable)
-Insta-Cast Power Shot / Tracer
-Add some/all Tracer percs to Power Shot (to avoid being shut down so easily)(its a Ranged attack so its still inferior)
-Better effect(s) for Rocket Punch
-Uninterruptable Shield able to be used by Arsenal
-Cylinders Changeable on the move (to be used for off-heals while running to a different node, for example)
-Move some abilites down in the trees to upgrade hybrid builds from "unplayable" to "somewhat viable"

Additional abilites could be added to the Agro Dump Flare Thing, Stealth Scan, Jet Boost...

My wildest suggestion would be a leap, pretty much for fun but also would have small utility. Why not have a Jet Pack leap to a ground target, or to an enemy target, or to a friendly? I really don't put this on the main list because it would suck the credibility right out of the entire list. Its just my 1 crazy thing to suggest.
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