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11.02.2012 , 04:25 PM | #108
Arsenal Mercs play very similar to Snipers Ė the difference is the Snipers have the tools to get the job done and mercs donít. Roots, Snares, Immunity to Leaps, and thatís not all. Itís no wonder why the Sniper is superior to a merc in every way.

Pyro Mercs are better known as the Poor Manís PowerTech Ė and until they are brought up to par they will forever be dwarfed by the superior AC. Pyro needs to kite to survive so give it the tools that it needs to get it done. Powershot must be changed to an instant cast and unload should be replaced by another ability and tied into PPA for the rail shot resets and also give them a reliable snare.

From here, the merc ac will also need improvements in defensive capabilities and added utility to earn them a place on a RWZ team. Many people have suggested an ability tied to a jetpack where the merc can disengage and fire a few shots while retreating. Energy Shield also needs to be improved.

Itís way past time for this AC to receive some massive changes Ė and not given changes that are pointless like taking away the knockback from rocket punch and giving the class a melee root which is beyond stupid for a ranged class to have. Until then, Iíll keep playing my marauder, powertech, juggernaut, sniper and I can only hope that those of you playing mercs finally get some much needed attention from the development team but from what I read from Austin Peckenpaugh, it's quite clear he has no idea what he's talking about.