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Do you log into the game to only have a few on in guild? Or worse, it's just you?

Are you short players to run an operation?

Tired of solo-queuing for PVP?

This game, SWTOR, can be very enjoyable when there are other players to play it with. There are many members of guilds out there(or remainders of guilds) that could use a boost in activity. That is how most of us like to play the game, with other players.

<E> Guild is offering a solution to this. We are welcoming both solo players and struggling guilds to join us to make an active, lively community for experiencing all facets of this game. PVP, Operations, and leveling alts are all fun to do, but they are more so when others are doing it with you. In <E> Guild we do all of those activities. We also have TeamSpeak 3, forums, a website(, and skilled players with great personalities.

Before you get burnt out from playing alone or before you lose what's left of your guild contact us on our website,, or feel free to email us

Together we can make SWTOR the experience it should be for all of us.
<E> Guild - Progression raiding
Fun, casual or hard-core, players feel free to apply