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It's really tiring to hear the "solo player" ask for more MMO content geared towards them, as if anything at all should be catered towards the solo player; as if the player who only likes to solo has any right to demand anything in a game specifically tailored to be a massive multiplayer online experience.

Every aspect of an MMO should encourage meaningful player interaction. Every. Aspect. That's what (should) define a (good) MMO. That's why we call these games MMOGs, and not "multiplayer-supported single player games."

It's really tiring to hear people pigeonhole games into narrow categories and try to restrict them based on unimaginative opinions on how a game in a certain category should or should not behave. You must not like it when people crack jokes in action movies: "***! This is an action movie! If I wanted to laugh I'd be watching a comedy!" SWTOR is a game. It is a game that can be made more appealing to many different people in many different ways.

The class stories and majority of the planet missions are all soloable, so it makes sense that people who enjoy soloing content would love this game and feel invested in it. I love doing flashpoints and operations with other people. However, on the few occasions where I've had to summon my tank companion to help finish a flashpoint because we lost our tank and it was taking too long to find a replacement, I had a lot of fun. The extra challenge to control the playing field with my tank while also keeping everyone healed was exciting. I don't need more soloable content, but if someone else wants to ask for it, I understand where they're coming from. I'm not going to dismiss them as unimportant and tell them to play another game.
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