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11.02.2012 , 03:23 PM | #14
Agree with crafting missions being low for what you need, for the past few weeks Ive been working on two toons for armor n mod, so I need Grade 5 compounds, here's the annoying thing, I only get one Mod yeild for compunds, the rest are rich and abundent for flux, paste metal etc..
It is this way for all my crafters, at the grade 5 mission lvl, I run all crafting except Armormech and Artifice.
This is bothersome, even in the three days to make something Im still only getting one Mod yeild mission for compounds.
This is one toon at a time and just four of each mod for the main armor. Not trying to stock up to make like 8 armors and 8 mods at a shot just the 4.
Is this normal? Have any other crafters noticed this?
Its a bit unnerving to think the machine counts and keeps track of what Im trying to craft then automaticly limits the mats, but that is how it appears.