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For a while I have been replying to many threads about the Commando/Merc AC in support of where it is now, with what I thought were some pretty good ideas and techniques for the class. I have always been very successful from a DPS perspective, and by fighting from the edges vs. being on top of objectives, I've usually survived fairly well enough until I had to get in the mix or been jumped, where I would admittedly, die rather more quickly than some other classes. Perhaps I've been, as I've seen someway say "a great player wasted on a poor class.."

However, I have to say even I have become disillusioned. While I am happy to see Bioware is looking into our "escapability," I have to say the idea of a commando being very effective at LOS and pillar hugging 1v1 is laughable. it actually makes me think of some encounters with Sorcs I have had lately.. Being able to root and force speed around a pillar 15m away and dropping an instant self heal is good escapability... Being able to walk around a pillar and start your casted self heal just as that melee rounds the corner and ravages you is not!

It really does seem that all other classes have both better ways of either A) keeping you in thier kill zone via roots, snares, leaps, etc. or B) escaping from an encounter that is going the wrong way via damage reduction cooldowns, stealth exiting combat, roots, snares and force speed away.

I think what really killed it for me was that I used to believe our AoE (even if it is channeled) was awesome. Tech Override > Plasma Grenade > Mortar Volley. About 6k+ in damage each to 3 or 4 targets in about 4.5 seconds, and I can do it every 30 seconds (2 mins for the tech override though to make plasma instant). But then: Smash! Same damage. Instantly. Uninterruptible. Every 15 seconds or less. And the leap effectively makes it a 10m ranged ability.

this is EXACTLY how i feel. start to finish.

Played Merc FIREBUG (Pyrotech to you newbies :P) in Beta. Server 1st BM on MZL, as an assassin...only reason i didn't roll a BH at launch was because i told myslef in Beta, "if they don't have that Crimson Mando armor on the Imp vendor, i'm not playing a BH..."

So...switched to BH, Merc/PT after 1.2, i felt robbed at the overnight BM's, so i rage shelved my assassin.

I should have played him, Merc/PT from launch i LOVE the is feels so natural, i don't have to look at my toolbars, i have all my hotkeys set-up so they became fluid playing the class. it was FUN...kept me playing after 1.2.

in 10-49 WZ's, i finished #1 in damage in all but 3 of my WZ's. (i have SS's that will blow your mind as a Merc/PT). i'm a pretty dang good merc...but, then again...i was a pretty good Assassin.

i was on the forums, trying my best to remain positive, going so far as to be in the "Merc is fine, L2P" category.

then, i got talked into rerolling a Marauder with a friend (while i leveled a Vanguard, solo. you should see THOSE SS"s)...

Merc is bad...REAL bad.

but, there are many GREAT ideas from many forum posters...

hopefully, it will get fixed before it is too late.
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