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BH needs more defensive CD's.

i don't want to "escape". i'm heavy armor, heavy guns...i should be a walking "arsenal", so to speak (even tho i play Merc/PT).

something very similar to marauders, for example.

1. a shield that actually shields damage. similar to marauders or assassin shield.
2. a flashbang that temporarily blinds opponents. i.e. 3-4 second stealth or stun(like operative/smuggler)
3. an improved way to apply fire DoT. something similar to PT/Van fire burst/ion pulse that will make rail shot more consistant.
4. increased speed, something similar to hold the line, that will make us helpful utility. node to node defense.
5. 30m range on all abilities. right now, our only good defense is our range, and even that is limited.
6. uniterruptable when afore mentioned shield is activated.

personally, i'm pretty happy with my damage output. it could use a slight bump in terms of BURST, but sustained damage is pretty good where it is.

seriously, whoever is testing and making decisions needs a stern talking to. do they even play the game?? with other actual players??

any semi-competent pvp'r understands the OP-ness (funny if you say it aloud) of marauders, assassins (tank spec), and snipers, and their mirrors.

the only class i feel i am on par with is Sorcs, now that i have an interrupt. and i base that on skilled player vs. skilled player.

i will hang on one more time for this fix. if it done incorrectly, this will be my final straw. i do not want to be FotM, i want to compete and be a contibutor in PvP. not a mark.

there are so many good ideas in these forums, please put them to use.
So you want to be a Marauder, with ranged DPS, with a healing tree, who can spec into it for quick heals, as well as a heavy armor tank.

That's a nice dream. I once had a dream that Marauders were a ranged class, alas it is still a dream.
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