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You should probably max out penetrating light and have one point in either pain barrier or jedi resistance, but other than that your spec is great. Keeping your force up is more about technique, and knowing when to noble sacrifice.
I plan on using 32/7/2 (, but I wonder whether 1% crit chance on Force Powers (Penetrating Light), or 1% increased healing (Wisdom) is more beneficial in PvP (ignoring the Presence from Wisdom since it does nothing in PvP).

1% more crit means 1/100 of the time I deal ~75% more healing (Surge at 75%), which gives an overall bonus healing of 75/100 = 0.75% bonus healing while Wisdom gives a flat 1% increase (which I am unsure if that applies before or after Surge). If I'm correct, then Penetrating Light isn't really worth maxing.

In his build, he goes for the 1% reduced damage (Jedi Resistance) over the 1% extra healing crits (which give about 0.75% bonus healing from my calculations). I'm not sure which ends up being more beneficial there, though.