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That's what the rumors are saying already. The press release from Disney that says "Forget everything you knew about Luke, Leia, and Han as far as what happens to them after RotJ". I'm honestly hoping that's just hype and they think better of it. But if it's true, and Disney doesn't handle it right, it WILL piss off a lot of fans. Leland Chee, hopefully, is all over this already.
I think the reason they are saying this is because Lucas already had an idea for the last trilogy.

It was always supposed to be 9 ( or more, 12 is number that was thrown out there).

It is about a period of around 50-60 years.

And roughly 20 years in between them.

Also ...... Alot of what is stated here, take with a grain of salt. Lucas also said that NO ONE will make 7-9 lol.