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11.02.2012 , 01:57 PM | #102
To get back on topic, since debating whether commando/merc needs help is pointless (since BW even admitted it), I had some thoughts for potential changes. While I'm still hopeful for an escape, perhaps they would be better off redesigning some skills to make us more tanky, rather than making us more running and mobile like a sorc. (Let's be honest, it doesn't -feel- like we're in havy armor, despite that being part of the iconic look and feel of the class/mirror).

1. Redisgn Counter-Measures so it is not only an aggro dump, but a defensive tool. I'd either go with some kind of CC/Leap/Pull immunity for 3-4 seconds, or a tech/force immunity for 3-4 seconds. Naturally the CD should be 90 seconds or so. Since we're not talking about high mobility here, it's unlikely you'll see a merc jump the fire pit while immune to tech, and sprint into a goal line.

2. Reserve Power Cell should not only reduce ammo cost, but also provide intterupt immunity to any designated cast. Instead of being a useless "free" cast usually paired with Tech override (so we don't forget we have it), now it's a tool that can turn the tides in a pinch. If there are complaints about healers using it, simply make it a talented add on in the gunnery tree (being the tree that needs it the most.)

3. I can't even remember the name of that crappy self heal we get, but either remove it and replace, or add some kind of benefit onto it. Could be a full out self heal like sorcs got with an added crappy HoT, or I'd prefer some kind of defense boost while it's active.