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I think this is unfair!, if you only can get him at level 50, it's just not make any sense!... How can I take him in my adventures through out the galaxy?, if at level 50 pretty much everything is already done?, moreover it will be a lot interesting if you can get him in a middle of the story!, and it will make a perfect sense, because you will have a time to logically customize him and he will serve story line, apart from just being trophy at end of the game...
You seem somewhat misinformed,

if you want to get him at level 11 you can. You just need to acquire him on a level 50 first and then unlock him via Character Perks. And THAT is the real issue, the unlock for HK-51 so I can give him to my level 31 Operative? 1,000,000 credits. OUCH. I think I'll go with the secondary payment for the perk, which is 350 CC for unlocking him for a lowbie.

Suggestion BW: Please make the legacy unlock for HK-51 Legacy wide, having to spend 1M credits/350 CC for any lowbie I want him on is ridiculously expensive. I want HK-51 on my Merc, Gunslinger, Vanguard, Operative and Shadow. 5x350 CC = 1750 CCs, that's way too expensive guys!
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