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Yea I play powertech tank, its ludicrously simple. But I like that most times cause it allows me to spend more of my awareness on making sure positioning is right, timing mechanics, and watching to make sure other raid members aren't being stupid. I don't kid myself that I'm a top-tier tank though, and really I don't like tanking all that much. But with PT tanking, its just like dpsing, except I'm standing in a different place and I want things to hit me. Also I always liked the high armor/shield stats for leveling out incoming damage. My old healers back when we were learning echm always told me that I was the easiest to heal tank they've ever ran with. However, in the guild I'm in now, we've got a couple assassins that have really impressed me, I've also seen some that make me cry.

Yea, pt/vgs are the worst on internal and elemental damage, the other tanks are demonstrably better there.

One other thing though, I heard the other day that the jugg/guard 40% cool down gets added separate from base damage reduction, actually making it worse than the powertech reactive shield. I've never specced defense on my guard the, is that the case?
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