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11.02.2012 , 01:01 PM | #101
To be honest, I dont even want an ESACPE. I want freaking instant cast Power Shots (and Tracer Missile). When I go heads up with a melee, here is an approximation of the fight:

The first round involves leaps/snares/roots on me. I try to use KB/Stun/Shielding to escape. Usually I take some damage but also begin to kite at this point.

Now I pop off all my instant casts: Incendiary Missile, Thermal Detonator, Rail Shot, Power Surged Fusion Missile. That will actually do a nice chunk of damage but from here on out I'm just running and using Rapid Shots until one of us dies.

I need mobile (instant cast) POWER SHOTS so that way I'm not just tickling people as I kite them. The fight rarely lasts long enough for Thermal and Raishot to come off cooldown. One of us will be dead by then.
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