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11.02.2012 , 12:53 PM | #7
From what we know of HK you have to be level 50 to get him and able to complete hard mode flash point as well as other quests and enter an open world PvP zone that is liked to be camped.

So with this work involved in getting him and then the need to either do space or ops to get the materials to make his armour. Once I have got him outfitted him what use is he going to be to end game? He can't have much use in my class story as its completed before I can get to malgus space station, he can't be much use in warzones or Ops or flash points as these aren't companion friendly though he could come in a flash point I doubt he will be putting man DPS out of a job.

So once I have gotten him where does this lead? Will there be some HK related quests or will be be allowed to be used in Operations or other end game content without having to substitute a player. Or will he just stand on my ship as a statue to all the work to get him?