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11.02.2012 , 12:06 PM | #61
war hero relics are definitely BiS now... the elite war hero ones +120 power... gosh 8k Deliverances, sweeeeeeeeeet

btw aurojin i'm taking a short break from the game now, but I have something which I think is worth investigating ^^. Given the new DG set, willpower will easily hit North of 2400 with a stim. I heard from a guildie if it hits that it will hit a new formula range of adding 0.14 bonus instead of 0.19. I heard the DR for crit beyond 2400 hits even harder. I dunno where he got that info from, but could you verify that?

If so stacking willpower will not be a good idea anymore. Not to mention there are a lot of 27A mods out there. Which means dealing with BiS will involve a lot of power stacking rather than willpower.