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Honestly I have this problem with both the current post-rotj eu literature, and the proposed episodes VII-IX. It boils down to dilution. I love the classic trilogy with a firey burning passion, and I can accept the prequels as flawed as they are. However continuation into further dramatic galactic engulfing conflicts diminishes the emotional resolution I felt at the conclusion of VI. The prophecy had come full circle, Anakin Skywalker redeemed himself and finally destroyed the Sith, freedom was restored to the galaxy, Luke, Leia, Han et al lived happily ever after.....

Only they didn't in the EU: Emperor Palpatine flanged himself a ressurection, turned Luke to the darkside only to be redeemed by Leia at the eleventh hour in what was merely an inferior recycling of the whole story of his father. Someone goes on to invent the anti Jedi species with the yuuzhan vong, more wars, more death and more suffering. Han & Leia's kids aren't even spared it going on to fight suffer, fall and the whole Skywalker legacy go on to suffer yet more tragedy as they set about killing each other. Peace and resolution is never reached, It all just goes on and on ad nauseum. All the while just chipping away at that nice, cheerful and hopeful resolution we all got way back in 1983.

Now as damning as that all is I'm not against the EU. Star Wars is massively popular I get that, and when something is as massively popular someone is always going to want to sell you more of it. In addition there are some real gems in the EU body of books, shows and videogames. Heavens I wouldn't be here posting on an online game forum set in that universe if I didn't get a kick out of some elements. Doubtless some people disagree with me, and loved the Dark Empire comics or the yuuzhan vong invastion story arcs, and if you did more power to you. My above thoughts are nothing more than an opinion piece.

What gets me most is how divisive all this gets. People debate for hours and hours on points of continuity figuratively bashing themselves over the head over who knows more than who, as if it somehow proves who is the better star wars fan. Do you know what gets lost in all of this? The spirit of Star Wars, if they take the new episodes in a different direction so be it, and if that flies in the face of EU canon, that doesn't matter. If any of these stories have fired your imagination, then they have done thier job, and nobody can take that away from you. I'll watch these new films, hoping that they will fan that spark that they did when I was a kid, and perhaps more importantly ignite that spark in a whole new generation with tales of love, adventure and good vs evil. If they manage to do that I will be satisfied.

Star Wars may have "belonged" to George Lucas, and now to Disney. However the stories are ours, they belong to humanity. They are now a part of our collective unconscious and alway will be, and no one can own that. People talk a lot of continuity, but interestingly the emotional component is often alluded to, but never addressed. That lovely resolution of a story well told way back in RotJ, and the incredibly important emotional dimension it held for me has never been dampened, if something came along that "contradicted" that feeling it simply failed to resonate, and never joined the constellation of bright stars that burned in my mind of stories that I cherish. This has nothing to do with "facts" about the Star Wars universe or anything as pedestrian as "canon". I hope in time more people come to realize this, and allow Star Wars to inspire.
^^This - I agree with you completely.