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11.02.2012 , 11:18 AM | #1
When I first started I really enjoyed this game but the more I get into, the more I can see where Bioware have just been incredibly lazy. The abilities in the game are an exactly, down to the cooldown, force/mana requirements of abilities from World of Warcraft.

I'll give an example, my main is a Healing Sorc so I will use them as an example.

TOR Power, WoW Power, Same Cooldown? (Yes/No), Same Ability (Yes/No),
Static Shield, Power Word: Shield, Yes, Yes,
Rejuvenation, Renew, Yes, Yes,
Unatural Preservation, Desperate Prayer, No (UE Shorter - DP 3 mins), Yes,
Dark Infusion, Greater Heal, Yes, Yes,

This is just an example, I realise that some abilities have to be core in order for the class to work but the sheer number of EXACTLY the same abilities as WoW, just renamed is slightly ridiculous. If you still do not believe me, go to whatever character you are on, load up WoWhead and take a look... it really shows a lack of originality on Bioware's part which is really dissapointing.

It would be really nice if Bioware could come up with some more original powers and moves themselves and not exactly copy what has been done by other MMO's.