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11.02.2012 , 11:18 AM | #100
How about we stay on subject. For THOSE OF US WHO PLAY THIS CLASS and have some ideas that will help it, let's offer those ideas. My ideas for escapability are as follows:

Stockstrike gives you a "Hold the Line" ability or a sprint. A lot of people want the knockback back. I don't. The reason being is you can't always knockback players. For example, often when I get lept to by a Knight I will perform my concussion charge which will do nothing. So I sit there slowed and get eaten alive. This will give me the ability to move out of melee range. However, the Knight will still have the ability to stun me and stay in melee range. Thus this move is not overpowered, but still helpful.

I also want to address damage.

Everyone has their own opinion on this, but I think Gunnery will be solid with escapability. I think assault needs help though. Vanguard Assault is much stronger than Commando because they proc HIB much more often. One can argue that we have distance on our side, but Vanguards have good tools to keep opponents within range. I do mad damage on my 50 Vanguard because there are 2 instant abilities to proc HIB. If BW were to make Charged Bolts proc HIB as soon as you start casting, such as it works with Full Auto, it would fix the spec in my opinion.

These two fixes would make Commandos on board with the rest of the classes for rateds.