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Actually it is. And since George is no longer in control, there will be a major split in Canon if or when they write a "retcon" story in movie form. It WILL become a true alternate universe. Leland Chee was tasked with making everything fit into the Canon system as much as possible. He's done a great job of it, so far. With the Disney takeover, I can see the OT, PT, and ExU becoming one universe, with the new movies becoming the true alternate universe. Remember that G-Canon is George Canon. Everything HE puts on paper or in a movie story-wise. With George no longer in control, G-Canon is only what's already done. He isn't writing the new movie. He's not directing or producing it. He will get a "Created By" credit, but that's about it. Chee will probably give the new Episodes a D-Canon rating. Disney Canon. Which won't override C-Canon, but will coexist in its own alternate reality,
^This. Please this. It would make everyone happy. We all get new Star Wars movies, but EU fans get to keep the EU.
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