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I'm hopeful/expecting at least some easter eggs. They could certainly show Thrawn in the background or give him a line or two reporting to someone. Other characters we'd want to see more screen time like Mara Jade and I'm not sure that will happen which is a bummer cause there's certainly lot's of potential there.
I was under the impression it was more likely going to be set during Luke being succeeded by the next generation. But it would be good to see some of the other characters.

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The audience of the EU is really really small compared to the whole Star Wars audience. Like less then 1%.
True, and most of the EU audience will end up watching the movie, no matter what they have against it.

The Thrawn trilogy is a great book probably the best of the whole EU BUT it would make a horrible movie. It's not very cinimatic, a lot happens in it, and there is way too many scenes where they are just talking to get across major plot points.
This I disagree with, although Thrawn was probably one of the greatest and most original antagonists in the Star Wars universe. The rest I agree with.