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I rolled a smuggler (female) during beta because I wanted to choose a class I would least likely play when the game goes live and not spoil anything for the classes I'd play right from the start.

I had so much fun with her, that I made her my main (same looks and all) for the live game. The dialogue, especially the non-goody-two-shoes options, is hilarious. And the voice acting for it is spot-on. I was often laughing out loud and regretting that I could not record the encounters to share with my guild mates, who were all exclusively Jedi at that time.

And yes, Risha is my favorite companion, hands down, too. I love her. She and my smuggler are a dynamite duo. I wish she had more to say, I wish there was more interaction with her and I wish I'd be more involved in her companion story. I wish her companion story would continue and let me be an active part in getting her throne back.

At first, I didn't like her appearance, but in the end, I never changed her appearance. When customization for her was offered, she had been on my ship for several levels and I got to know her with her default looks. Suddenly, none of the customizations available matched the person I got to know and that's when I realized how attached I had become to her already.

Finally, I would love to complete the experience with her and also follow the romance path, but alas, as a female smuggler that's something I may never get to see with how things are looking right now. However, if we should ever get more companion story content, including for Risha, I'd be very happy already.

Thank you for a great, fun experience, and as I said, I hope there will be more Risha in my smuggler's future.
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