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Yes they are, just as much as they are designed for grouping. This game was designed to let people solo if they wish. Stop force your narrow minded beliefs on others.

That can happen without being a group.
MMO- Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Nothing about Massively Multiplayer spells solo to be, in fact this game encourages grouping up from 1-50 while leveling even. Increased Xp, better drop rates, heroic 2+ and 4's.

And as far me "forcing my believes" I never said he couldn't play solo I just said he shouldn't expect the game to be redesigned for him so he should make due with what he has and maybe make some good friends while doing it. I still talk to people I met from other MMOs that don't play this game and have many friends in Real Life and Online that I met without using facebook.
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