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I don't think they will be that concerned with complying with the EU in the new trilogy. What us fanboys forget when it comes to things like this is that we're a pretty small group of people and when a company makes a movie they want to be able to make money on it which means appealing to audience bigger than just us fanboys. It means appealing to audience we are a mere fraction of. Working on coforming to EU continuity just so it works for that fraction is not going to be a high priority. Continuity will be sacraficed in the name of appealing to as many people as possible if necessary.
Although if they do follow EU, they'll gain that audience and get the potential praise and approval of the fans. I'm hoping they see it this way, at least. I would expect they'd have someone like Leland Chee giving advice during the writing of the movie, and he's well aware of the EU events.