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Give me a slow somthing similar to sages force slow and the operatives tendon thing not attached to our aoe heal(talented) our full auto (talented).Lower the fliping cast time on our mez from 2 secs to 1 sec alacrity shouldnt affect it.Change techoveride to a 1min or 45sec cd no idea why its 2 mins....WE also have the longest cd on our kb, its 30sec untalented.

For gunnery and arsenal make full auto and unload uninterruptible. and change that crappy talent that lowers the cast time on adv med probe or increases the damage on Hib ( find it stupid that it consumes the buff if u use one cant do both . ) Also change the adv med probe, to Med probe adv med probe heals for a small amount unless u crit or ur a medic. Lasty while standing still they should have a straight 3% or 5% damage reduction plus the talent that gives 5% damage reduction from casting grav or tracer.

For Assault give them a better way to manage ammo not sure how to do this exactly but I feel as if I burn thru ammo alot faster then a vangaurd, prob b/c i dont have a 100% chance to proc my dot on hammer shot. also remove the talent degauss(removes roots when shield is activated and add a 1point talent that lets them use Charged Bolts or Power Shot while moving for 15sec 1min to 1min-30sec cd.

I really love my Commando but it gets annoying when I know im missing key moves that should be on my class already we just got our intterupt after half a year...It used to be impossible for a group with 3 commandos to do Ironfist early in the game, unlike now when ppl can just take the damage
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