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11.02.2012 , 06:49 AM | #26
If a ship is designed for not just war but war in the extreme environments of space I believe it can survive a crash landing. Think about it in space it's either hundreds below zero or hundreds above zero depending on the distance from a sun. All of that heating and cooling would cause havoc in a ship infrastructure of it weren't designed to take it. On top of that it's meant to get the **** beaten outta it. Yes it blew up pretty good, yes fall hundreds of kilometers only to make the hardest landing imaginable. But there is something call suspension of disbelief. Learn to use that or every story will be ruined because it can't happen in real life.

On a side note since it took such a beating I would have appreciate holes in the haul either from colliding with buildings, erosion, or even cannon fire but hey that's just me