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11.02.2012 , 06:30 AM | #1
We downed yesterday the writing horror and we think we found a bug :/

video of the kill :

We think the bug begins 5:00 -5.03. from the tactics we got from dulfy, the Twisted Spawn should only spawn at 5 min our Twisted Spawn spawned @ 4:47 . So it is possible that there is a small change for the 16 man version, not a big deal it doesn't do a lot of damage. The real fun begins @ 5:03 , there spawnes a additional Twisted Spawn + Foul Offspring, and only 15 seconds later @ 5:15 a Jealous Male is spawed with a red cirkel.

So the bug : we guess the Foul Offspring is spawned to soon, because the red cirkel is only spawned @ 5:15. and caused a lot of death's in or ops group. Can a DEV confirm that the Foul Offspring spawning at 5:00-5:03 is working as intended? because why would you use the 4the red pool?