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Species/Race: Rutian Twi’lek
Name: Ish’aire
Nick Name: Ish, works also as call sign.
Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 3’669 BBY
Place of Birth: Nar Shaddaa
Age: 26
Height: 170 cm ( 5’7” )
Weight: 57 kg ( 125 lb )

Hair Color/Style: None – Twi’lek
Eye Color:
Facial structure: High cheek bones, thin nose and full lips. She has a scar on her left side below the eye and on cosmetics she prefers light colors and little shade.


Armor/Clothes: She is a sucker for expensive stuff. But on the road she prefers comfortable leather clothes and long jacket, her blaster holster is on right side. She usually carries a shoulder bag with her that contains the needed quick repair tools for mechanical devices.

Allegiance: None
Affiliations: The Republic, Hutt Cartel
Profession: Smuggler / Mechanic
Languages: Galactic Basic, Huttese

Personality: She is a tease, a person who does not know Ish is quickly thinking that she has nothing in her head and she has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder because she seems to be jumping from one thing to another leaving things behind unfinished. But in truth she is keeping track on things and is just easily bored on trivial tasks. She loves to flirt with both genders. She has a personal motto “Show me the money” and under the stress she makes quick choices by her feeling of the thing.

3’669 – 3’657 BBY [ Not general knowledge of the character history ]

3’656 – 3’654 BBY [ Early career of Ish ]
The streets give you no mercy, Ish made early fast friends in swoop gangs and working as their errand girl / mechanic trainee she made some name of her self as able person fixing things which kept her away from normal gang life and threat to lose her life in the wars. She was still too restless for her own good and bailed out leaving a angry gang behind her when she jumped to cargo freighter.

3’653 – 3’643 BBY
After getting caught in the cargo freighter the captain was close to kick Ish in the airlock, she was able to turn the tables and get some room in negotiations, being a small freighter and missing two crew member’s captain took Ish as mechanic the only problem is that when they came back from the jump they were in Coruscant and so were the Sith Empire. Large battleships took little freighter down and they were stripped from all cargo. After nightfall Ish slipped away from the holding area and made her way to downtown leaving rest of the crew behind.

While the occupation of Coruscant was on and martial law was forced to citizens Ish was hiding in lower levels. She made quick cover story if needed and worked as dancer in Four Ace’s club, after the occupation of Empire forces was lifted she stayed a while keeping “low” profile gambling and doing her dance routine. In a stroke of luck at gambling table she was against a pilot who was short in cash and placed his ship “Pink Rancor “ XS Freighter class on the table to even the scales. It’s said that with a wide smile Ish had placed her cards on the table and won, the pilot had argued that she was cheating and was getting up to pull his blaster as Ish kicked the table up and towards the pilot, moving same time side and as the pilot shot through the table three times Ish stabbed the pilot to side two times moving behind and hitting the vibro knife to his throat from behind and then letting the dead man drop to the floor and walking away with the deed and cash.

After a few months of getting some work done with the XS she started her small delivery service first with independent contractors and then also with Hutt’s and cartel but still being able to be independent her self. She also made deals with the Republic just to keep on the good side of them and getting “friends with benefits” possibility. Last run she made was to Ord Mantell as weapons drop.

3’643 + BBY
Ish has been trading calls with another independent contractor and she has been offered rather good compensation to deliver goods once again in Ord Mantell and she is on the jump to there with “borrowed” ship as her own baby is under maintenance. The ship feels a bit off not home like and she is getting some rest while on the jump it self.
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