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It's really tiring to hear the "solo player" ask for more MMO content geared towards them, as if anything at all should be catered towards the solo player; as if the player who only likes to solo has any right to demand anything in a game specifically tailored to be a massive multiplayer online experience.

Every aspect of an MMO should encourage meaningful player interaction. Every. Aspect. That's what (should) define a (good) MMO. That's why we call these games MMOGs, and not "multiplayer-supported single player games."

It's comments like that that make me wish this were KotOR 3. Then all the MMO players could stick to their online games, and I could just enjoy my epic Bioware story in peace.

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Im confused.

Did the OP just request to be able to use 3 companions in a flashpoint so he could solo it?


Xbox, PS3, Wii-U, I think these are what you're looking for.
Sadly, KotOR 3 doesn't exist for those systems, but if it did you can bet I'd be all over it. Also you might be shocked to hear, but the PC also has lots of singleplayer games. In fact, most of the single player games for those systems are also on the PC. All the Bioware games can be gotten on the PC, and all the recent ones can be grabbed on Steam easily, minus the really recent ones published by EA.

I'd like to see this feature, especially if they add some inter-companion dialogue. Where the companions talk amongst themselves, it would help make it feel like an actual team.