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Quote: Originally Posted by paul_preib View Post
I could live with the capacity to stun from anyone cast on if there were just two tweaks

1.Cannot self-pop stun: If you manually toggle it off rather than it popping by virtue of damage the stun does not occur

2.Fills resolve according to the rules all other forms of CC follow.

Just make those two tweaks and it'd be an obnoxious but fair ability.
As opposed to "cheap" like teams throwing grenades....

sweet more marauder tears. keep em flowing. Don't worry for all you bad melee you can always just re-roll back to sorcerer/sage. I mean isn't that what yall do, change classes when ever a class gets a little buff.
Lol, so true, I can't imagine maras have ANYTHING to complain about with their stupidly OP defensive cooldowns and crazy dps, hell they even got ezmode smashspec for the bads.