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I don't think it actually is. When you look at the same ship on Balmorra, its the same size as whats on Taris, so to me, it looks the devs made the whole ship as part of the Tarisian landscape.

I agree with the original point made. The Endar Spire exploded, and explosions don't usually leave whole sections of ships in tact, not to mention re-entry and crashing through layers of the city above before reaching the bottom. Would kinda leave it a little damaged

Its a small thing and not something I would worry about. Just a small oversight.
That's not really true. Explosions and having it hot enough to disintegrate what is exploding are two different things. Try it yourself. Go blow something up. You'll find pieces all over the place. Basically, the large explosion is just the burning of combustible material. Usually, this isn't what makes things blow it, it's the force the explosion creates. That, and it's hard to burn metal.

So could there be a large explosion that looks really bad, but keeps the ship mostly intact? Sure why not. Also, I mean you're arguing realism here in a game that has people walking around with energy beams that can cut through anything in their hand. They can also wave their hand and knock people over.
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